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General Information :-  Also known as ajowan, bishop's weed is an aromatic spice closely resembling thyme in flavour. Traditionally, India has been one of the most important sources of bishop's weed.

Botanical Name : Trachyspermum ammi
Family : Apiaceae
Parts Used : Fruit
                    Flavour Characteristics

The spice is aromatic and has a specific taste.


Bishop's weed is used in a wide variety of foods. It has excellent preservative and medicinal properties. In India it is used with pulses, meat and liver. Ground with ginger and salt, it forms part of an anti allergic chutney. In the west, it goes into soups and curries. Bishop's weed is rich in calcium and iron and is used to correct indigestion. It is an anthelmintic and antiseptic. Bishop's weed oil is used against cholera, stomach pains, diarrhoea & indigestion.

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