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India is the originator of curry, a name immediately recognized all over the world. The word instantly conjures up visions of irresistible culinary delights. Because of their varied physical forms and generally hard somewhat woody nature, spices often do not readily yield their flavouring component to the food in which they are used without some prior treatment. Indian curry powder is the answer to this gastronomical problem.

Known as curry powder to the Indians, or simply as 'curry' to the international consumer. the product is a careful blend of selected spices to add pep, flavour and aroma to a wide range of exotic dishes.

Curries come in different formulations and forms in different counties, each producing its own distinct aroma and taste. A Japanese curry is different totally form an Indian or European one. Yet the basic constituents of them all are the traditional spices.

Another Indian specialty is full complement of spice mixes. These mixes impart a distinct flavour to a variety of food preparations such as tandoori chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, tea and noodles.

India is a major supplier of high quality curry powders and spices mixes to the world.

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