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General Information :-  A crop of Southern Europe, Fennel is now cultivted for export in countries like India, Germany, Italy, France and Russia. Ancients used fennel as a condiment and culinary spice. The Greek considered it a symbol of success. To the Romans, the young fennel shoots were a vegetable food. Fennel is the dried fruit of a perennial, aromatic, herbaceous plant that grows to a height  of 1 to 1.5 metres. The plant has finely divided green leaves and small, yellow flowers.

Botanical Name : Foeniculum Vulgare
Family : Apiaceae
Parts Used : Fruit
                    Flavour Characteristics

Fennel has an agreeable, sweet aroma resembling aniseed.


Indian fennel, also know as "Sanuf', is used in food, medicines, liquors and perfumery. The Italians cook fennel with roast pork. In India fennel seeds are used in vegetarian cooking, pans and also chewed as a digestive aid. In Europe it is a traditional seasoning for fish, flavouring pickles, cucumbers etc.

In the medical field, fennnel seeds were used for treating wheezing, to boost mother's milk and promote menstruation.

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