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General Information :- Chilli is considered as the most important contribution from America to the world of  spices. However, today, India is the foremost producer and expoater of chilli. Chilli is the dried fruit of an annual subherb. It is also called as capsicum. paprika, sweet papper, red pepper, pimento, cayenne pepper etc depending upon the manner in which it is pre-pared and used. Chilli comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colour and degrees of pungency. Chilli is propagated by seeds.

                    Flavour Characteristics

Some varieties of chilli are highly pungent, medium pungent, others flavoursome but not pungent.

                    Name in international Languages
Spanish : Pimenton
French : Puvre de Guinee
German : Paprika
Arabic : Filfil Ahmar
Dutch : Spaaanse Poper
Dalian : Peperone
Portnguese : Pimento
Russian : Struchkovy Pyeret
Japanese : Togarashi
Chinese : Hesiung Yali Chiao
Hindi : Lal - Mirch
                    Usage Profile

Chilli forms an indispensable culinary spice in several parts of the world. It is also used in beverages and in the preparation of medicines.

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